A previous Atlanta Hawks cheerleader who claims that Dennis

A previous Atlanta Hawks cheerleader who claims that Dennis

ATLANTA (AP) _ an old Atlanta Hawks cheerleader whom claims that Dennis Rodman offered her herpes is only the latest girl to attempt to benefit from their popularity and fortune, the NBA player has testified

Three to four ladies per year falsely declare that Rodman fathered their children, looking getting cash, he told a federal jury wednesday. Some women were said by him, like ex-cheerleader Lisa Beth Judd, exaggerate their romances with him.

“i do believe it goes combined with image? of a baseball celebrity, he said.

Judd, of Orange County, Calif., is suing Rodman for unspecified damages. She claims he infected her with vaginal herpes once they had intercourse on Jan. 14, 1993.

Herpes is an incurable illness that is sent by sexual contact. A March 1993 blood test reveals that Rodman was confronted with the herpes virus, but Rodman denies that he has got ever endured the blisters that are painful mark herpes.

Today, Rodman’s solicitors called an Atlanta physician whom stated he discovered no proof that Rodman had a transmittable kind of herpes.

“we have actuallyn’t seen such a thing within the medical records? to show that, said Dr. Gary Greenhood, whom methods medicine that is internal.

He stated Judd’s records do indicate she is contaminated.

Rodman, 34, whom plays when it comes to San Antonio Spurs, described himself as being a man that is sensitive didn’t wish to be in a critical relationship due to the american bride for marriage pressures of their work.

He stated he did sleep that is n’t and preferred to look at exact same ladies, even when he had been hitched to your mom of their child.

“I’m extremely particular about whom we sleep with,? he said.

He told the jury about another sexual partner, a female he dated secretly because her household wouldn’t desire her to date somebody from a various competition. He stated which they would travel individually to your location that is same do not be seen together and soon after rendezvous for intercourse.

He was fond of Judd, he denied ever telling her he loved her although he said. These were buddies, he insisted.

“we cared about her . but at the final end of each conversation (about her family members problems), i might state, `I’ll often be a friend,? he said.

Judd, 24, stated she dated Rodman on / off for nearly couple of years, until they finally broke down contact in 1993 january. She states he infected her as he was at city for a game title from the Atlanta Hawks as user regarding the Detroit Pistons.

Judd claims that a couple of weeks before she had intercourse with Rodman, two of their intimate lovers told him they thought that they had herpes. Rodman denied that. He said he got the bloodstream test just because one of several ladies reported of the genital “irritation.?

He stated he previously no reason at all to consider which he could have herpes at that time he previously intercourse with Judd.

But under cross-examination, her lawyers noticed that he stated in a deposition which he possessed a herpes outbreak in March 1993.

Rodman stated he had misinterpreted the term outbreak and stated he had had dried-out skin or a rash when you look at the area that is genital.

Rodman proceeded to express which he has not been told through a physician he has herpes and stated their medical practitioner has treated him for the “microbial infection.?

Rodman additionally testified about figures _ his rebounding data, their $2.5 million wage as well as the six or seven enthusiasts he’d from 1990 to 1993. He quipped he had sex with 20,000 women that he was not as prolific as Wilt Chamberlain, the basketball great who claimed.

Rodman then told the jury concerning the wide range of females he’d contaminated with herpes _ zero.

Rodman’s agent, Cornelius Draddy of Washington, testified Wednesday about their client’s funds. Right after paying fees and debts including $120,000 in yearly household help and a $200,000 loan through the Spurs, Draddy stated Rodman’s net worth is about $600,000 per year. Rodman’s funds had been under consideration because Judd seeks punitive damages.